Fee Schedule

Dormant Account Fee $5.00 One year inactive account or undeliverable statements per statement period.
Bounce Protection Program $30.00 -
ATM Fee $1.00 Per transaction after the first five free transactions per month.
VISA Late Fee $25.00 After one month delinquency.
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 -
Overdraft Transfer Fee $5.00 -
Overdrafts (NSF's) $25.00 A maximum of three (3) occurrences in one month will be allowed before considering closing the account.
Photostatic Copies $3.00 Charged to the share draft account for each copy of paid draft.
History (or interim) Statement $2.50 Regular statements are sent monthly.
Returned Items $25.00 Items the member deposited or cashed (not drawn from their account).
Share Draft Service Fee $3.00 Monthly service charge when share draft balance falls below $200.00 minimum balance.
Tax Levy Fee $25.00 -
Wire Transfer Servicing Fee $15.00
Incoming Wires
Outgoing Wires
Balancing Assistance A minimum fee for balancing statements of $25 per hour will be charged. After one hour, the charge will be broken down in 15 minute increments in excess of one hour.
Skip-A-Payment Fee $35.00/Month 2 Skip a payments allowed in 12 month period.